About CS Stock Horses

     Here at CS Stock Horses, I take great pride in creating a horse that is an eager, willing riding partner who not only enjoys its job, but also has not gotten its "spirit broken" during the training process. Horses in training are taken trail riding (day or overnight camping) as well as available shows to help them become comfortable in a variety of environments and situations.

     Please remember that 45 days is not always a miracle cure. I will not make promises I cannot keep, especially in regards of turning an unhandled or unstarted horse into a "kid safe" mount. Horses learn at different rates with different styles, just like people. During the training process you will receive regular updates, photos/videos, as well as observations as the session progresses.

Available services:
* Farrier Service
*Colt starting/Starting under saddle
* Problem Solving
* Tune-up/Refresher
* Speed events, introduction to working cattle, pleasure classes.